About Us

Who are we?

These days college life has become hectic for the students. They are busy in extra-curricular activities such as internships, part-time jobs, etc. Mostly, students prefer to take online academic help. We know that there are thousands of websites which provide online academic help. So, the most important task for the students is to find the best website which provides excellent services. Because students cannot take a risk with their career. They have to be very careful in choosing the website to avoid the rejection of their assignment.

So, we at findassignmentreviews.com are providing a platform where students from different parts can share their personal views of the websites. They can share both positive and negative views on the portal, so that other students can get an idea about those websites. Those who are looking for educational help they can also take help from this website.

How it Works?

It is obvious that there are many websites on the internet and it is very difficult for students to cover all the websites at the same time. So, at findassignmentreviews.com we always provide the latest website reviews for the students. Here, we provide reviews directly from the students those who have availed such services from the websites. We have covered all various functions of educational needs services like prices, user ratings, quality, etc.

If you want to add a review, then you can click on Request/Add Review, and then you can fill your details and review and submit it.

We have also provided comment section after every review, where you can post your comments.

Student Affiliation System

Students don’t have so much of time that they spend their two or three hours only in searching for these academic help sites. So, to help the students, we have created this platform where they can share and tell others about their experiences.


There are Pros and Cons also mentioned in the rating corner. So, that you can get an idea of the website services and performance.

We have mentioned below the various rating features. Have a look at them.

  • Assignment Quality
  • Customer Service
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Pricing
  • After Sales

Every column has given a rating out of 10. So, after reading these, you will get a brief idea about every website.


If you check on the company websites, you will find that every website has written positive things for their websites. So, it will become difficult for you to choose the best website. But here you will find the information which is true and posted by the students itself.