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Professors and teachers, nowadays, want students to write assignments of a specific level, which students find difficult. Therefore, it becomes the reason for them to score poor in universities. Nowadays, there are many websites that are helping students to submit their assignments on time. But the question is, are these sites giving what they promise on their web pages? Or, are they just making their website look attractive!

Recently, we came to know about And i also found the experiences of client’s very good on the review section of reviews. It also provides assignment help online for students from around the world. So, we decided to review its services and gather opinion from the students who availed its service. We reviewed this website as per their website, services, price, quality, connectivity, and discount.



As soon as we open AllAssignmentHelp’s web-page, we can see many options. The services cover a lot of helpful subjects. Also, there is an option to place the order which takes the user directly to the order filling form. With the help of the order form, the user can place the order directly by filling up all the relevant details. This is not all! There are more options like placing the order through a call, chat, email, and others. And i am also quite satisfied with the ratings i found on reviews.

Moreover, the user can set different scales like the currency, the deadline of getting the order delivered, the pages or the words of which he is expecting in the assignment. After confirming the order, this site also gives the user an option to chat with their experts.


While searching for assignment help on the internet, students visit various sites. Many of these sites don’t even have a direct link on their webpage to show the services they provide. provides direct link to their service pages from their webpage itself, which shows us exactly in what services they deal. In fact, they provide a lot of services and cover almost everything.

Their services include:

  • Management assignments
  • Finance/ Accounting assignments
  • Computer/IT assignments
  • Economics assignments
  • Other assignments
  • Law assignments
  • Programming assignments
  • Dissertation and Essay help
  • University of Phoenix coursework

They provide many services other than what we have mentioned above. The students, who are looking for services other than what is mentioned on the site, can contact them through chat or email. Their on-time delivery is the best service according to their reviews.


Due to many other competitors in this same line, AllAssignmentHelp has maintained the lower price and strong reputation. While searching on the internet, you can find sites quoting a price as high as $30-40 for one page, under which 250 words are covered. In fact, there may be sites that quote prices even higher than what we have mentioned.

On the other hand, AllAssignmentHelp quotes $10-12 for one page. This price is without applying all the discounts which are usually always there for everyone. Basically, pricing is the part which can be positive as well as negative thing to attract the student’s group, and this site is focusing on that quite well. Unlike other sites, those who quote unaffordable price, reviews has different rates depending on the user’s needs.

For instance, prices on their sites for orders covering a deadline of 7-10 days are affordable. Not just that, but there are other variations as well, depending on the situation and demand.


Talking about the quality, there are sites that give solution at low prices, but because of that, the quality of their assignment becomes weak. AllAssignmentHelp provides best level of assignment solution at better price. Anyone can tell that they use right experts for completing the content. The quality of their work defines everything.

The quality doesn’t limit to that, on their web-page, one can easily find the option of “company” under which there is an option of “blog” which includes many of the blogs written by their writers. If you look at the language in those blogs, it will give you the idea about the standard of their writers and the knowledge that they have.

If even that’s not enough, another proof of their commitment to quality is the free rework service. The company delivers each assignment with a guarantee of writing the whole content again for free, if the content is found copied from anywhere or is not up to the expectations of the client.


Connectivity is the availability of the customer care team. AllAssignmentHelp has a policy of being available 24/7. It means they are ready to provide connectivity services all day and all night long. Though, it might be difficult to believe, because practically who in the world can provide a 24/7 service. But, as they are running the business in countries like Australia, United Kingdom, etc. at the same time, so it takes the ball back in their court.

One can connect with them at any time through Email, phone numbers and the best one is their live chat option as they are available there 24/7 and replies to everyone frequently. Also, they listen to everyone’s problems very patiently and provide the best solutions.

After placing the order with them, you can even get the option to connect with their experts directly. It gives you the option of customizing the assignments according to your needs. reviews : Discount based review

Discounts are the cherry on the top of a cake because they have discounts like 20% off on one assignment. If the students order two assignments together, they will get 30% off on the total amount.

Now, what if we tell you that this is not all!

As, when a new customer places an order, a discount of 20% is given on their first order and the customer can use this discount code in the stack of other discounts given by the site. Such unbelievable discounts make the final order amount so cheap that it automatically becomes affordable.

In conclusion, I would say, this is a great website to take help regarding any assignment help. Their experts seem to have the exact idea about the content which the professors and teachers expect from students in schools and universities.

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