Reviews- Brought My Career To Dead End!

This review is sent to us by Johnny of London Business School, who is reviewing Assignmentmojo-co-uk-reviews Reviews- Fraud People!

As we all know that it is important to cheque the ratings and reviews of assignment writing services before you even consider of placing order with any online site. So, i have also read about the reviews.

Want to see how dumb can these assignment service websites be? Want to put your career at risk? Then, go for AssignmentMojo.


The experience that I had with this site is the worst. I haven’t seen any of the websites doing such a thing. I don’t understand on what basis they hire people. If the customer support team cannot even convey the right message, then why is it even there!

Worst Experience Ever!

My name is Johnny. It is about the time when I started pursuing my Master’s from London Business School. It becomes hard for students to prepare and submit assignments on time. As the teachers keep checks on the assignments being plagiarism free.

So, we are not left with the option of copying the assignment from our friends. Also, it is important for us to submit the assignments on time as the teacher won’t consider the assignment afterwards. With that, the assignment’s quality needs to be great, as the internal score of the semester depends upon the quality and the understandability of the assignment.

The teachers give us grades based on the quality of the content that we write in our assignment. And, if we won’t provide quality assignments, teachers will mark poor grades, which will make our overall score weak.

Irresponsible People

So, to improve my total score, I prefer taking help from such assignment service providers. It makes my work easy in exchange for some amount of money. As the quality of the assignment happens to be good if the consulting site has good executives. Also, I get time to study for my major examinations. The focus never gets distracted if the sites understand its responsibility. I also want to conclude that all reviews are also not real, mentioned on the sites . Such as i have read reviews which are almost fake. Unlike AssignmentMojo, which is such an irresponsible site that I cannot even imagine.

From the time I started taking help for assignments, I always use to prefer one particular site. As I have been their regular client, I asked them for some extra discount. Now I understand, it was my bad, and I was greedy to ask for such high discounts. At least they were providing me good quality content and even gave me affordable prices. I would have named it, but this review is not about that site. So allow me to focus and convey what AssignmentMojo did to me.


As the other site denied giving me a discount over 40%, I started exploring other options on the internet. At that time I found AssignmentMojo, and they had a scheme of up to 50% discount. It caught my attention, and I thought of trying this site.

I had seven days to submit my Sociology assignment, and I thought of giving the site a deadline of four days to be on the safe side. As, I was trying the site for the first time so I wasn’t sure about the quality, meeting the deadline, and many other things.

First, on their web page, I didn’t see any link to direct me to the subjects or the services which they provide. But this is not the first time that I saw I site doing it, and all of these sites cover almost all the subjects. On the other hand, an assignment of sociology in general, and all the sites include it. So, I went on to check the price list of the assignments.

I had an idea that my assignment would cover around 18-20 pages. The price of the assignment of platinum quality was around £20 per page. It was expensive, but it was without applying the discount, so I wasn’t much worried.

Bad Customer Service

Then I thought of connecting with the customer support team and confirmed whether they could provide me with a sociology assignment or not. They, of course, said yes, and then I made my point. I told them about the other site, and mentioned that they are ready to provide me with a discount of 35%-40%.

Though, the support team denied giving me a discount higher than 30% as I was using their service for the first time. But, they promised, if I am their regular client, they will give me higher discounts in future. So, I thought of trying the site and placed my order.

AssignmentMojo delivered the assignment by the evening of the fourth day as they have mentioned this in their reviews section. It was the time that I realized the level of mistake I made by choosing its service. The support team worked so irresponsibly that they forwarded a message of preparing an assignment of Psychology instead of Sociology.

So, the assignment that I got was of Psychology, and now I neither had enough money to order for another assignment, nor I had enough time. I complain them about the mistake and ask them for the refund. They apologized for the mistake and requested me that they can only refund half the amount as the work was done and delivered on time.

Even when I did not have any mistake from my side, I was the one who suffered. It was a friend of mine who gave me some money, and I managed to submit my assignment on time.

I will never forget what AssignmentMojo did to me. A mistake like this cannot be expected. It would have cost me a career to which they responded with a sorry and half amount of what I gave them. And i will request my friends for not placing order with them. Their fake reviews are also of no use.

Assignment Quality


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            • Polite customer service


            • Missed Deadlines
            • Poor Response Time

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