Why are Online Reviews considered Valuable?


Hi guys. How many of you, look back on the online reviews of a website before even reading its contents? Umm… Let me guess. The answer is most of you. Right? It is very natural these days for people to check out online reviews of a site and then trust it services.

Well, nowadays there are so many websites coming online to expand their businesses. All of them are running in the race to compete with each other and reach on top. Here, Online reviews play a significant role. I will discuss all the points that why online reviews are valuable for a website to expand. So, let’s start on with our discussion.

How important are Consumers Online reviews?


Whenever you start surfing through websites, the first look you have is at their online reviews which are in the form of ratings and written form. The first thing you click is a star rating ranging from 4 to 5.

What does this mean? It means that you automatically think that 4 or 5-star ratings say that this website is a top website and its services will be satisfying. This is what online reviews do. They make an image of the site in the consumer’s mind.

Online reviews hold a powerful impact on the behavior of the audience and thus also on the performance of a brand. Let’s now understand that how they can make a name or break it? Is the quality that important?

Role of Online Reviews in buying a decision

The number of online consumers is growing day by day. With this, the trust on online reviews is growing too. 90% and more consumers are relying on the reviews of a website. 85% and more are trusting it as a personal opinion.

Strangers do all the posts but still, a person relies on those stranger comments and online reviews which are put up on a website. This proves that a decision can be changed by the level of positivity or negativity of a comment.

The more positive reviews you have, the more your site will attract consumers each day. With more negative reviews, it’s just the opposite as you will lose your audience.

Role of On-site Ranking


By enabling customer reviews on your website, can bring positive impacts. It can increase your company’s organic search engines.

More positive feedbacks can enable your site to rank in numbers. But, keep in the hold of the negative feedbacks as scam reviews can also be put up in your online review section. One negative feedback is equal to 5 positive feedbacks.

You can tell your loyal and happy customers to post a review on your website. It will bring genuine audience interactions and thus it will automatically grow the rankings of your sites. People should feel genuine touch in your reviews so, never fake. Give a reply to the reviews. Your response should be crisp and clear so that the consumers can connect to it.

Understanding the Game of Fake reviews

You should be wise enough to differentiate between the fake reviews and the positive reviews. Not all the reviews are genuine. There are reviews which you will find that are just saying baseless things and then you can’t even judge the actual point out there.

How can you find out what’s real and what’s not? Well, let me help you with this.

Following are the points on which you need to think if you don’t want to miss out a good website:

  • Check the account of the person who has posted the review. Sometimes it happens that the person posts a fake review and there is no name, and the account is anonymous account, then that’s probably fake.
  • You need to see whether the review has any useful information which feels genuine. There are many angry and scrappy online reviews which are baseless points. When you read such reviews, you will feel that it is just to write negative without any genuine point. Don’t come under influence of such negative reviews. Think twice before you react.
  • Read and try to find out the tone of the whole review. It should be consistent but with valid points and not just anything. Fake reviews are written only with the purpose to spread the negativity, and this is what we need to point out.
  • Check out whether the reviews have some data given to support the words like any numbers which connect to the negative review. If the data is matching with the written words then, the review might be genuine.
  • This point is very important. Replies on the reviews are very important as you can make your mind depending on these answers. See if there are replies from the side of the management, then it is a positive sign that the website might actually be genuine. Look for consistency. A genuine website will always reply back to the reviews. The reply will tell you how real it is.
  • Check whether the reviews have any similarities. The more similar reviews you find, either negative or positive means that those are actual comments of the consumers and are genuine. This will show that what is the actual reputation of the site and whether all those online reviews are fake or not.


I hope this information has made it clear that why online reviews are considered valuable. Online reviews have their own value in online marketing, and they have the power to raise a business or bring it down.

If you liked this information, then do let me know through your comments below. If you have any other points, kindly share it below as well. I would love to learn from you.

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