Reviews- A big Trap!

This review is sent to us by John Tyler of The University of Greenwich, London who is reviewing’s assignment services. For more details, you can visit Reviews. Reviews- It’s A Big Trap!

The biggest mistake that I made after stepping in London was, I thought of using AssignmentHelpUK’s services. It didn’t just mug me but almost ruined my whole career.

I am a student at The University of Greenwich. My name is John Tyler, and I am in the second year of my master’s. I was born and raised in Pennsylvania, and from the time of high school, it has been my dream to study abroad. Later, I got to know the opportunities the UK has.

How I got into the Trap?

I set my mind accordingly and kept my academics robust enough to get a college in the United Kingdom and filled up all the required forms, prepared for all the entrance exams.

I didn’t want to lose any chance to be here. In fact, I even visited Manchester once with my dad, on his business trip. Though during the time of graduation, I didn’t get the chance, but before the completion of my graduation, I got selected for the University of Greenwich, London.

I was very excited. It was a dream come true. As soon as the news spread in my family, one of my cousins who live in London was all set and excited to welcome me to his place. Same was the case with me. reviews

Struggling With Assignments

So, right after completing my graduation, I shifted to London with my cousin. He taught me a lot about the surroundings and the survival. He was in his second year of master’s at that time, and he was quite familiar with the place. I use to ask for his suggestions every time I got into any terrible situation. The same happened when I started going to the college.

The education system was a little different than Pennsylvania, or maybe it was the difference between graduation and post-graduation. The thing was, here I needed to submit a lot of assignments to get good grades in the internals. Making the assignments wasn’t what I was afraid of, I had to study for my externals as well. If I would have spent time on making the assignments, I would lose a chance to study for my externals.

My career depended on these assignments as well because 40% of the score was covered by these assignments. So, I asked for the help of my cousin, and he told me that he was waiting for me to ask him about it, as he has been through the same situation. He told me about the assignment services which many websites provide in the UK.

Finding Assignmenthelp Uk – Entering A Trap

I felt a little relieved and started searching for different websites which provide such services. In the search results, I saw the name of AssignmentHelpUK, and I started reading Reviews. I had to submit my assignment in three days, so I didn’t have time to waste and I went on its web page, and I did not find anything useful except for the blogs, which were there to judge the quality of their content. I did not have enough time to read their blogs.

Bad Services

There was an option of live chat as well. I thought of contacting them through live chat. They responded within seconds, and I asked them about the services that they provide. The price and told them about the submission date to which they responded positively and told me not to worry about anything.

They told me that their experts would take complete responsibility for the quality of the assignment and the assignment will be delivered to me within two days. They also mentioned that the price might feel a little expensive because of such short deadline. I was ready for that, as I needed to submit the assignment on time. So, I placed the order. Reviews- Promises and reviews are fake

It was the evening of the second day, and I was waiting for the assignment to deliver. But no email popped up. I even tried to contact them through their live chat option, to which they did not reply. I went to the college next day, I had a mail from AssignmentHelpUK, apologising for the delay and promising to deliver the assignment by the evening of the same day.

So, I went to my teacher and requested her, if she could allow me to submit the assignment on the next day. Somehow, she agreed. I got the assignment that evening and submit it on the next day. I was in a way disappointed by the service but relaxed as well because of the submission of the assignment.

Shocking Results

Now, I was just waiting for it to get checked. As I got the assignment back, I was angry. I got a “C+” on that assignment.

The quality of the content from the so-called assignment experts of AssignmentHelpUK was in front of me. The reality of the manipulative customer support team was understandable to me now. On top of that, the pain in my pocket that this website put was utmost. I will also not recommend my friends to read Reviews. As they are not serving what they have written.

Assignment Quality


    Customer Service


      On Time Delivery




          After Sales



            • User Interface is Ok


            • Poor Support
            • Plagiarized Content
            • Never meet Deadline
            • High Price
            • Bad rework Policy

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