Reviews- My Worst Nightmare!

This review is sent to us by Jenny Lloyd of the University of Southampton reviewing For further details of this site, you can visit Reviews. Reviews- Bunch Of Frauds!

I have never seen such fraudulent activities on the internet before using services of BritishAssignmentWriters. 


My name is Jenny Lloyd. I am a student of MBA at the University of Southampton. All the students studying in the UK would be familiar with the assignment submission concept. We have to submit assignments to achieve good grades in our course.

There are many colleges where MBA is covered in two years, students in such colleges get a chance to cover up for their earlier bad score. But at my college, the MBA is one year only. I opted for it so I cannot complain anything about that. But as I started the course, I had the idea that it will be difficult for me to submit all the assignments on time while studying for my exams.

Seeking For Help- Became My Nightmare!

As we all know that there are many websites which provide assignment services. I used one of them earlier in my graduation and was a little familiar with these services. Had a plan in mind that I will focus majorly on the preparations for my exams. On the other side, I will make some assignments by myself and will use these service providers for the rest of the assignments.

So I started my college, and as soon as I got my first assignment, I had time so, I prepared the assignment on my own and submitted it. With the passage of a month pressure of studies started increasing. Now it was time to use the services. One of my teachers gave me an assignment, which I had to submit within eight days. I thought of using the service that time.

Came Across BritishAssignmentWriters-  Big Mistake!

While searching for websites on the internet, I found BritishAssignmentWriters. Though I did not like its interface that much and even the subjects were not mentioned in the services. But, their scheme of up to 50% discount caught my eyes. Affordability was all I had in my mind at that time.

So I went on checking for more details on its web page and ratings on Reviews. As I checked the price of the assignment, it was categorised in three standards which were, 2:2 standard, 2:1 standard, and first class. I made my choice of having a first-class content. As I had the discount scheme in my mind I wasn’t worried about the money. Further, I tried connecting with BritishAssignmentWriters on their live chat option. I asked them whether they cover assignments of MBA level.

False Information!

The people on the other side told me that they got experts from every field and provide assignments till PhD level. They even told me that, the quality of the assignment would be better than any other service on the internet, as they have professional writers. I asked them about the price of the assignment if the deadline would be six days.

They gave me a discount of around 15%, which was shocking for me, as I saw a discount of up to 50%. So, I told them the same thing and asked if they can give some more discount. They said, they would have given me a discount of 30%-40% if I would be their regular customer. Also, they promised me to give better discounts next time. So, I placed the order and made the payment.

I received the assignment on the sixth day as per the deadline, so it was cool. I went to the college and submitted the assignment. As I received the checked assignment back, I was in a dilemma.

Got Low Grades  :/  Not Expected!

I did not get less than a “B” in any of the assignments that I submitted earlier. Even my teacher pointed that out. She asked me if I am getting distracted because I got a “C” on that assignment. It was disappointing as well as shameful for me.

I made up my mind at that time, even if BritishAssignmentWriters give me a discount of 50%, I will not provide them with any order. They don’t have the best experts, but they have the worst freelancers to write the assignments. On top of that, their assignments are not worth spending even a single penny. BritishAssignmentWriters provides the fake experience about Reviews. And it is the worst assignment service I have found on the internet till now.

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